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1025 Old Country Rd 310 Westbury NY 11590 1 800 622 4131 info paylogix com www paylogix com PRO ENROLL APPLICATION INFORMATION CASE STUDIES Pro Enroll Common Remitter Single Slot Admin Co op Consolidated Funding Billing

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Pro Enroll Application Data Case Studies Our Services Brokers and their clients depend on Paylogix for the technology and service that make bene ts possible Allows multiple products from multiple carriers to be billed and paid in one online bill Provide your clients with bills that actually make sense Save time money and hassle for your clients to be a true bene t hero The industry standard for enrollment and eligibility Promote educate and enroll in your own custom built mobile friendly online enrollment tool With over 10 years experience we know how to do online enrollment right All the power of Paylogix in an easy to use Broker DIY kit Build your tailored employer speci c bene t marketplace In 20 minutes you can launch your mobile friendly bene t education communication and enrollment site with Consolidated Billing built in Bene t Administration Premium Solutions Custom Solutions Your clients save time and money with the Paylogix secure online bene t administration portal A one stop shop for HR to access update and pay for all the bene ts that are part of their Consolidated Billing statement Bring the Power of Paylogix to your company The fully integrated front to back o ce TPA bene ts billing and administrative software solution Premium Solutions is a hosted application that provides more exibility and opportunity than the traditional client server model With over 20 years experience we have seen it all Bring your complicated bene ts billing problems to Paylogix and we will make it possible Revised 5 2018

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Pro Enroll Application Data Case Studies Pro Enroll Make it easy for employees to learn about and enroll in bene ts Pro Enroll provides employees with access to their employer sponsored bene t options First it educates employees about their bene t options so they can make an informed decision Then it provides an easy to use enrollment so employees make the most of their bene ts Information is presented in real time the bene ts picture is current rather than a snapshot of bene ts taken weeks before enrollment begins The Pro Enroll platform is useful when employers provide multiple bene ts but do not have a robust education and enrollment system This is often combined with our Consolidated Billing Common Remitter services Revised 5 2018

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Pro Enroll Application Data Case Studies Bene ts For All Stakeholders See real examples of admin reports and sample employee screen shots at www paylogix com pro enroll FOR HR BENEFIT PROFESSIONALS Enrollment premium calculation eligibility management For eligibility a questionnaire before each product will determine if the employee can enroll During enrollment questions con rm that the employee is not enrolling by mistake Additional questions are displayed as necessary such as adding dependants or information on smoking habits Answers result in an instant change in the displayed premium Analytic reports administrative Information Admin users have access to enrollment numbers analytics on trending activity and program performance Each employee pro le includes demographics for speci c enrollment reports Admin users can opt in for daily update emails with enrollment statistics Automate accountability with audit trail features Pro Enroll gives admin users access to records of all enrollment action billing and payment history for individuals and the group Up to date statements are available anytime Customized features to t the company brand HR professionals can customize Pro Enroll to their brand style for a professional look Employees recognize their bene t portal with the company logo and color scheme Send custom branded automated emails at enrollment start midway and before enrollment ends HR can even show a custom message on the employee login screen Speak to employees with embedded video explanations Sometimes words aren t enough to convey the value of a bene t to the employee Including video explanations reaches all employees regardless of reading ability or language Videos can be about general bene t information or speci c product information presented by their trusted HR professional or bene t broker Revised 5 2018

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FOR EMPLOYEES Enrollment anytime anywhere with mobile ability Employees log in on a smartphone or tablet to access all the functions of the full Pro Enroll site They can access account information and enroll from anywhere at anytime Easy to pay premium with ACH bank draft Employees can set up automatic payments through ACH or bank draft to ensure premiums are paid on time Speci c product details for all product options At enrollment the employee nds all the information they need to make an informed decision Each product on the bene t list page contains a brief description describing the purpose of the bene t The Enroll Now button takes them to a page with a detailed description of the product and options Easy to understand cost breakdowns Employees answer their own questions about their premium payments with easy to understand cost breakdowns They log in anytime to view a quick cost summary with a link to a more detailed statement This shows each product the employee is currently enrolled in and the Also available is a full history of their payments and adjustments Quali ed life events new hires When an employee needs to make coverage changes due to a quali ed life event they take care of it quickly and easily New hires start their bene t education and enrollment anytime even if open enrollment is over Customer service when employees need it The bene t carriers customer service contact information is easy to nd Employees can to speak with someone to answer speci c product questions Revised 5 2018

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Pro Enroll Application Data Case Studies Application Data With over 20 years experience building secure online bene t portals Paylogix o ers a platform that is unsurpassed for communications enrollment With tools for the employer the employee the broker we support all stakeholders for successful implementation of your bene ts strategy The Pro Enroll utility suite includes Quick and easy mobile portal so they can complete enrollment anytime anywhere Targeted bene t communications education so they will understand their options Automated promotion tools make easy even for the busiest HR professionals Real time enrollment performance monitoring so you can increase participation before it is too late Built in audit trail for compliance concerns and follow up Revised 5 2018

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Pro Enroll Application Data Case Studies FAQ Who uses Pro Enroll Brokers Carriers Brokers who want a state of the Carriers that want to increase art online enrollment platform take up rate through bene t communication tools Brokers who want an integrated eligibility communication Carriers that o er products with and enrollment tool multiple eligibility scenarios and need to ensure that the Brokers who use the internet or correct products are o ered at have clients that use the interenrollment net Employers Employers who do not have the HR capacity for bene t communication Employers who want to ensure that each employee is o ered each product and record elections and rejections for future reference Employers that want to provide an easy to use mobile enrollment for their employees Revised 5 2018

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Pro Enroll Application Data Case Studies Capabilities Do you have a few employees to enroll or a few thousand Do you have a plan for promoting open enrollment to ensure strong participation Pro Enroll will trigger an email campaign to announce enrollment Each employee receives directions to begin and access to their unique bene ts o ering A friendly reminder is automatically sent to employees that have not made their election preferences A nal reminder is sent to employees that have not taken action before open enrollment ends How s enrollment going so far Is anyone keeping track How about the broker or the carrier do they know what s working and what s not Pro Enroll real time program metrics convey a clear view of the project time line including participation results volumes and the demographic picture Find out if participation is low on speci c products while there is still time to educate the employees on their bene ts What do you do when an employee is upset about his coverage or claim denial Did you send him a copy of the latest SPD Can you prove that he accessed that document back on February 8th at 4 36 12 p m EST With Pro Enroll you can manage your document updates with publish and access details enabling a complete audit trail of important bene t communications delivery HR personnel are tasked with some tedi tasks ensure accuracy and reduce workl including new hires and passive enrollme Saving time saves money and reduces Can t remember what that deduction was for Can t remember how to reach customer service Want to know your payment history All the information is there all the time and current as of the last employer premium remittance Do you know what bene ts your employees want Expectations are changing and the best way to nd out is to ask Survey your workforce during or after enrollment Script your own questions and present them to the employee to obtain valuable feedback Revised 5 2018

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ious but important work Pro Enroll provides automated functions to simplify these intricate load Bene t professionals can manage communications and enrollment throughout the year ents while minimizing late enrollees and compliance issues stress in the HR department Do your employees know their total compensation Employers who invest in their workforce want their employees to understand and appreciate their bene t package Sum EREE dynamic employee bene t statements illustrate a customized cost breakdown of the bene ts provided at the workplace These real time statements are current as of the last premium remittance and convey the total compensation and bene ts picture Employees can see that their true compensation is more than their take home pay Revised 5 2018

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Pro Enroll Application Data Case Studies About Us At Paylogix we are changing what it means to be a TPA WHO WE ARE WHAT WE DO Paylogix is a licensed and bonded Third Party Insurance Administrator We move money and data related to health and welfare bene ts But we are much more than an ordinary TPA Founded in the worksite bene ts arena we have been an insuretech pioneer for over 20 years We specialize in developing technologies speci cally to simplify the administration of payroll deducted bene ts We have the proven experience reputation and endorsement of every signi cant insurer in the payroll deduction market Our trademarked Consolidated Billing Common Remitter services set the industry standard for service and simplicity enabling solutions that no single insurer can provide Our web based solutions o er real time access for our business partners including Employers Brokers Insurers Our managed payroll deduction service provides unmatched exibility for secure client data exchange le formats and business rules We make it easy to get paid Revised 5 2018

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Pro Enroll Application Data Case Studies Key Expertise With over 20 years of specialized insurance industry experience we have seen it all Online enrollment is nothing new at Paylogix We revolutionized the industry back in 1999 with the rst online enrollment platform Nearly 20 years later there is no enrollment scenario too complicated for us to handle Built on experience Pro Enroll is the industry standard for online enrollment eligibility management Learn more about our legacy of innovation at www paylogix com history Year after year Paylogix and our employees have been recognized with industry awards from Employee Bene t News The Employer Healthcare Bene ts Congress and others We care about developing our talented Paylogicians because that is how we deliver innovative solutions to our clients Read about our latest achievements at www paylogix com the paylogix post Revised 5 2018

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Pro Enroll Application Data Case Studies Learn More The best in the business trust Paylogix for Enrollment Billing Administration Premium Collection Custom Solutions We take care of the complicated work moving data and money so that brokers and carriers can focus on what they do best Learn more about how we make it possible at www paylogix com Revised 5 2018